Episode 054

In episode 54, we look at some current campaigns by Switchfoot, Skylar Kaylyn, Creative Journey Worship, and Firebone Theatre with Waterdeep. Think of me as both your tour guide and filter – working to connect artists with fans and fans with artists and highlighting some excellent campaigns worth backing.  I hope you enjoy the show and find something you can connect with and fund.

Episode 54 Show Notes:

Switchfoot – Where the Light Shines Through (0:57)
Teaser video

Skylar Kaylyn – This is Love (4:15)
You Belong
Youtube Channel

Creative Journey Worship – Mountain (5:43)
Spotify- Be Still

Firebone Theatre – Waterdeep The Unusual Tale of Mary and Joseph’s Baby (6:53)

Starflyer 59 – SLOW
Stream on All Songs Considered with track-by-track explanation



Theme song, ‘Hypostatic Union’ on the project ‘The Future’ by The X-Structure
creative commons license and used by permission.
Bandcamp page: 
The album The Future, featuring Hypostatic Union: 




Twitter @theotherccm : 


Mick Jigger – Crate Digger Tumblr

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