Howdy! This is the home for the Crowdfunding Christian Music podcast. Broadcasting from Phoenix, Arizona, this podcast covers active crowdfunding and pre-order campaigns on Kickstarter, Pledgemusic, Indiegogo, Bandcamp, and other independent platforms.

I’ve been helping people find great Christian music for over 25 years and am excited about the opportunity crowdfunding offers for folks to directly support artists and bands they appreciate.

I hope you enjoy what you find and discover some music and artists you can get behind. I hope I inspire you to become a more active participant in the creation of Christian music.

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2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Thank you for doing this. I’ve been looking for a while for bands that I like doing ng crowdfunding, so unless I see it on Facebook I usually miss it until now. Thanks again

  2. Hi Chris,

    My name is Daniel and I’m in a band called The Fresh Preps. I just discovered your podcast this week and I’m really digging it. I appreciate that you’re specifically promoting music by Christian artists who are currently crowdfunding. That’s such a great idea because those are specifically the Christian artists who are trying to push the boundaries of art to advance the Gospel into new territories!

    Have you heard of Provoke and Inspire? It’s another great podcast that I really enjoy. Every speaker on it is a Christian artist of some kind. The majority of them are in a band called No Longer Music and they regularly tour the world and share the Gospel to non-believers!

    Anyways, I just wanted to say hi and thank you for making this podcast!
    Daniel Lyons
    The Fresh Preps


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