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A New Album from Zach Winters

Zach Winters is raising funds for A New Album from Zach Winters on Kickstarter! A new album from Zach Winters, written at home, recorded in Mexico.

The Graylands

Robert Watson is raising funds for The Graylands on Kickstarter! Ten Songs by Rob Watson


This is a campaign to raise funds to cover costs for our latest EP album release | Check out ‘T I M E ALBUM LAUNCH’ on Indiegogo.

Arbré 2019 EP

James McCurley is raising funds for Arbré 2019 EP on Kickstarter! A brand new EP written by James McCurley and produced by Gabriel Wilson at Feng Sway Studios in Vancouver, WA.

Comrades : Facedown Records

No Description

Twin Sister – Twin Sister | Light In The Attic Records

The band-members are sort of all over the place, and we haven’t performed together since 2001. When we did perform, it was a bit tricky to round up costumes. I was Darth, Chewie was on drums (we were the first to think of that!), Yoda and a Tusken Raider on guitars, and, of course – a Stormtrooper on bass guitar.

Click here to support Weston Skaggs 2019 EPs organized by Weston Skaggs

I have 12 new songs to record and decided to split them into 2 EPs both to be recorded and released this year! I feel that these songs are by far the best and most personal that I’ve written yet and our recording team at Old Bear Records has never been so locked in.

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