Episode 053

We look at some current campaigns by The Arks, Kings Kaleidoscope, Derri Daugherty, and John Smeby. Think of me as both your tour guide and filter – working to connect artists with fans and fans with artists and highlighting some excellent campaigns worth backing. I hope you enjoy the show and find something you can connect with and fund.

Episode 53 Show Notes:

The Arks – EP (1:00)

Kings Kaleidoscope – Beyond Control (3:03)
Soundcloud – Enchanted
Facebook post
Reel Gospel – FRESH Across Australia interview

Derri Daugherty – The Color of Dreams (5:47)

John Smeby – Fusion Art (8:23)

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Theme song, ‘Hypostatic Union’ on the project ‘The Future’ by The X-Structure
creative commons license and used by permission.
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The album The Future, featuring Hypostatic Union: 




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